Pre-Arrival Support

Let's plan together

Our Pre-Arrival support is the key to our service because it gives us a chance to explain the local conditions, discuss lifestyle options, address any anxieties that different members of the family may be experiencing due to lack of accurate information and so on.

It is also important for us to help you to set realistic expectations. There’s no substitute for first-hand knowledge. Our team have all been through the process of moving to the island themselves and will provide you with realistic advice and support to make your move a success. We’re on-the-ground where our clients need us to be!

Whether you are relocating for work, opening or buying a business, investing in property or retiring on the island, we endevour to make a positive difference to the lives of people we meet.

Although no two relocations are the same, here’s a look at the typical process flow:


  • preliminary discussions and support (up to a year before arrival)
  • discussions on cost of living and budget planning
  • explanation on permits, schools, housing, bank accounts, business setup, investment, medical, shipping, pets, insurance, vehicles, utilities etc.
  • extensive insight into living in Mauritius as expats


  • personalised airport pick-up
  • temporary accommodation and car hire
  • tailored accompanied area specific Orientation Service
  • accompanied Home Search Service
  • accompanied Education Search (school/university)



  • property lease/purchase negotiation
  • check-in inspection and utility setup
  • opening bank accounts
  • purchasing / leasing vehicles
  • insurances and medical
  • housekeepers, garden & pool service, home maintenance
  • networking, extra-mural activities and memberships
  • dedicated on-going support etc.