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We tailor high-quality and valuable solutions to comprehensively meet your relocation

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In collaboration with our international mobility network and local partners in Mauritius, we offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your relocation requirements.

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Dodorelocations has been the reliable partner for businesses relocating their employees to Mauritius since 2002. Count on our local expertise and global insights to guarantee the seamless delivery of your mobility programs.

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Updated: February 2024
Our comprehensive range of relocation support services and professional staff coordinate all the aspects of the relocation into one seamless service. We tailor high quality, great value solutions to meet all your relocation needs.

As with any relocation, the initial starting point is to choose the most appropriate visa or permit to reside in Mauritius.

Here's what you need to know...

Mauritius-Premium Travel Visa:

In addition to the existing Tourist Visa (details below), Mauritius has introduced a Premium Travel Visa on 23 October 2020 which valid for a period of one year, renewable thereafter.

To qualify for the Premium Travel Visa, interested visitors should produce evidence of their long-stay plans and sufficient travel and health insurance for the initial period of stay while meeting additional criteria.

This visa is free of charge and full online application and requirement details can be found on the Economic Development Board website here.

Ordinary Tourist Visa:

Do I need to apply for a visa before travelling to Mauritius?
Nationals of most countries do not require a visa prior to travelling to Mauritius. The Non-Citizen should hold a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months as from date of arrival, a valid return ticket and sufficient funds to meet the costs of your stay in Mauritius.

Tourist visas in Mauritius are issued free of charge upon arrival at the airport to visa exempt passport holders and are valid for a maximum period up to 60 days with the possibility of a maximum 30-day extension after the initial 60 days, depending on the return ticket validity.

Visa restricted passport holders would need to apply for their tourist visa at the relevant Mauritian Embassy in their country of origin or residence. For additional information, you may wish to visit the website of the Passport and Immigration Office: Visit the website here.

I arrived on a tourist visa and want to apply for an Occupation Permit. Can I convert my tourist visa into a business visa?
It is not possible to convert a tourist visa into a business visa whilst in Mauritius if you intend to apply for an Occupation Permit. Whilst there is talk of changing this rule, if you intend to work in Mauritius, you should obtain a free of charge business visa upon entry to the country.

How do I obtain a Business Visa for Mauritius?
In Mauritius, business visas are issued only upon arrival at the airport in to visa exempt passport holders. To obtain the business visa, the traveler should provide the Immigration Officer at the airport in Mauritius a letter from a local sponsor/company in Mauritius, explaining the traveler’s purpose of the trip and thereby requesting a business visa to be issued to the traveler on arrival in Mauritius.

Visa restricted passport holders would need to apply for their business visa at the relevant Mauritian Embassy in their country of origin or residence.

Am I allowed to work and be remunerated in Mauritius whilst on a Business Visa?
A Business visa does not permit remunerated work activities to be conducted while in Mauritius. Attending conferences, seminars, training and meetings are the only forms of activities allowed on this visa. A business visa may be issued for up to 120 days per calendar year.

Important note regarding the Tourist Visa and Business Visa

  1. Travelers should hold a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months as from date of arrival, a valid return ticket and sufficient funds to meet the costs of their stay in Mauritius.
  2. A person can be in Mauritius on a tourist visa for a maximum of 180 days in a calendar year. Note: A tourist visa cannot be converted to a business visa whilst in Mauritius. The number of days spent in Mauritius on a tourist visa and business visa are combined for each calendar year. For example: if a person has been on a business visa for 30 days in January, he/she will then only be eligible to spend either 150 days in the calendar year on a tourist visa in Mauritius or 90 days on a business visa. An individual cannot exceed 180 days in a calendar year on a tourist and business visa combined.

What is an Occupation Permit?

The Occupation Permit (OP) serves as a combined work and residence permit, enabling foreign nationals to both work and live in Mauritius under three distinct categories:

i. Investor

ii. Professional

iii. Self-Employed

Note: An individual cannot simultaneously hold an OP under two different categories; for instance, one cannot possess an Investor Permit while also holding a Self-Employed Permit.

Foreign nationals aged 50 and above have the option to retire in Mauritius under a Residence Permit (RP). The Retired Permit permits individuals to reside in Mauritius without engaging in professional activities.

Both an Occupation Permit (Investor and Self-employed) and a Retired Residence Permit are issued for a maximum period of 10 years, renewable based on established criteria. An Occupation Permit under the Professional category is issued for a maximum period of 10 years or in alignment with the employment contract, also subject to renewal criteria.

What is an ‘Approval in Principle’?

All applications for an OP (Investor, Professional, and Self-Employed) and RP (Retired) follow the ‘Approval in Principle’ route. This entails submitting the application online initially. Upon obtaining the approval in principle, applicants have 90 days to travel to Mauritius for required medical tests and interviews with the Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO).

If the authorities are satisfied with the documents provided during the interview, the OP or RP will be issued on the same day. It’s crucial to note that the Approval in Principle is not a visa to enter Mauritius, and applicants should ensure they have the appropriate travel documents and visa before traveling.

What are the main criteria under each category of the Occupation Permit (OP)?

There are three categories of OPs under which non-citizens can apply:

i. Investor

ii. Professional

iii. Self-Employed

For detailed criteria under each category, please refer to the official EDB website for accurate and comprehensive information.

Restricted Activities for OP Holders

Certain activities require clearance from parent ministries in Mauritius before issuing the Approval in Principle. Examples include the tourism, trading, and medical sectors. It is advisable to consult the respective authorities or regulatory bodies for specific requirements in these sectors.

How are Dependents defined for the purpose of an OP and RP in Mauritius?

Dependents include the spouse (including Common Law Partner of the opposite sex) and children, including stepchildren or lawfully adopted children, under 24 years of age. Dependents of an Occupation or Residence Permit holders are eligible to apply for a residence permit.

Dependent parents of Occupation Permit holders (Investor, Professional, and Self-Employed) are allowed to accompany and stay in Mauritius. The duration of the dependent permit cannot exceed that of the main permit holder. For more detailed and accurate information, visit the official EDB website.


Mauritius is fast emerging as a preferred destination for non-citizens looking for an enticing place to spend their retirement years. Here’s a couple of reasons why…

  • Stress-free, safe, politically and economically stable with low taxation
  • Medical and health services of a world-class standard
  • Affordable cost-of-living with good infrastructure and amenities
  • Tropical climate and wonderful beaches
  • Extensive real estate opportunities, from fully serviced apartments to luxurious villas and beachfront residences
  • With several daily flights to Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia, one is only hours away from family and friends

Get in touch with us about acquiring a property in one of the following categories:

  • a residential unit developed under the IRS, RES and PDS
  • a residential unit developed in a smart city
  • an apartment located in a building of at least two floors above ground floor

The criteria for applying for a Residence Permit as a Retired Non-Citizen is as follows:

a. A Retired Non-Citizen is defined as a person who is not a citizen of Mauritius and is 50 years or above.

b. The initial application for a Retired Permit is for a period of 10 years.

c. A Retired Non-Citizen should make an initial transfer of at least USD 1,500 or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency from his/her personal bank account in the country of residence at time of application to his/her personal bank account in Mauritius.

d. Thereafter, the Retired Non-Citizen should transfer at least USD 1,500 monthly or a sum by instalments amounting to at least USD 18,000 annually, during a period of 10 years. Note that this amount is applicable to the principle permit holder only (the dependent spouse and children under the age of 24 are inclusive).

e. Applicants for a Retired Permit in Mauritius should enter Mauritius on a tourist visa (as explained under the ‘Visa’ section of our home page) and after having obtained the Approval in Principle from the Authorities in Mauritius.

f. A Retired Non-Citizen is allowed to hold investments in any companies/businesses in Mauritius. However, the Retired Non-Citizen is allowed to do so only if:

  1. he/she is not involved into the day to day management of the Company/businesses;
  2. he/she is appointed as director of the Company, it is in a Non-Executive capacity and he does not derive any director’s fees on this appointment.
  3. he/she is not deriving any regular fixed salary or employment benefits from any companies/businesses in which he/she holds investments.

How are Dependents defined for the purpose of a RP in Mauritius?

Dependents are defined as spouse (including Common Law Partner of the opposite sex) and children, including stepchildren or lawfully adopted children, under 24 years of age.  The Dependents of an Occupation or Residence Permit holders are eligible to apply for a residence permit.

Source: Visit the official EDB website here for detailed accurate information.

Permanent Residency

The Mauritian property market continues to be an enticing option for non-citizens looking for real estate investment that offers permanent residency.

In Mauritius, a property investment at a minimum of USD 375,000 in a government-approved development (Property Development Scheme, Real Estate Scheme, Integrated Resort Scheme, or Smart City) offers the purchaser, their spouse and children under 24 years of age permanent residency status. The permanent residency is valid for as long as they own the property.

Permanent residency is an important aspect of the purchase decision, however it is crucial that the real estate investment provides favourable capital growth and rental return prospects.

Property value is expected to grow by 40% in the next 10 years. Furthermore, Mauritius is extremely tax efficient with no capital gains or inheritance tax.

How do we help…

DodoRelocations offers a unique turnkey solution for non-citizens looking to purchase property. Rely on our experience, we have an extensive network of both off plan and resale property purchase options available to meet your requirements. We are not real estate agents! Instead, we work with all reputable agencies and developers on the island and negotiate to ensure your best interests are met – we’re on your side.

During our accompanied Property Search service, we visit qualified properties from a predetermined shortlist saving time whilst ensuring a comprehensive selection from carefully selected and trusted agencies.

In addition, we can assist with the following services:

  • de-snagging your home prior to arrival
  • the appointment of local interior decorators
  • procurement of all your kitchen equipment
  • procurement of the best quality linen and towels
  • procurement of carpets and blinds
  • the design and making of furniture
  • the appointment of pool maintenance and garden services
  • the provision of handymen, plumbers and electricians
  • utility setup and organisation of internet and DSTV


How do we Help?

Our offerings are adaptable and customized to cater to your unique requirements and those of your employees. We collaborate closely with you to ensure the swift and successful settlement of your employees and their families.

Additionally, we extend our relocation services to individuals and their families who are not affiliated with company-sponsored programs.

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How do I relocate to Mauritius?

DodoRelocations has been relocating expats to Mauritius since 2002. With a team of highly professional staff and its in-depth knowledge of the island they have relocated 100's of families and Businesses in Mauritius.

I am a South African, how do i relocate to Mauritius?

Dodo Relocations is your one stop shop for all your moves. We are able to structure the best model according to your budget to relocate to Mauritius. Most of Dodo Relocations Core Team consists of South Africans who migrated to Mauritius for over 20 years or more.

I want to retire in Mauritius, how do I do it?

Dodo Relocations is considered to be the number 1 company who has helped many South Africans,and retirees from all over the world to have a very peaceful retirement in the Republic of Mauritius.