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Relocating families since 2002, we’re run by expats for expats!

Your Mauritius Relocation experience…

DodoRelocations is a unique relocation company that distinguishes itself through innovative thinking, our accumulated knowledge of living in Mauritius, and going the extra mile.

We’re a team of expats, some of which have been living on the island for more than 35 years. Our dedicated client-facing relocation specialists have all been through the process of moving to the island themselves. We get it – we understand your needs!

Both corporate and family relocation is and always has been our primary business. DodoRelocations is the Destination Service Provider (DSP) for some of the world’s leading global mobility companies.

Benefit from our local knowledge, our connections are your connections. Whether you are new to the island or a seasoned visitor, we tailor affordable relocation packages to meet your requirements within budget. We’ve made mistakes, so you don’t need to! One of our key objectives is to ensure our clients never pay more than the local rate, genuinely saving you a lot of time and expense.

DodoRelocations sets itself apart from other relocation firms through its personalised, hands-on approach. We go beyond mere advisory roles, opting to guide our clients through every stage of their relocation journey. Rather than solely offering referrals to third-party services, we walk alongside our clients, providing support and assistance at each step of the process.

Whether you are relocating for work, opening or buying a business, investing in property or retiring on the island, we endevour to make a positive difference to the lives of people we meet.

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