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We experienced this 22 years ago

Moving to a new country where you don’t know a soul can be very daunting.

We experienced this 24 years ago when we arrived in Mauritius. We make it a priority to source and recommend many networking opportunities for business and social interaction. We know how important it is to join “the community of the connected”.

Information Packs

The DodoRelocations information pack contains all the information your relocatee will need to get to know their new destination. They are tailor made for that clients’ specific needs and will include information such as maps,restaurant guides, travel guide, and necessary forms for license application, school enrolment etc.

HEBA Consulting Ltd is a Human Resources Services company and is fully LICENSED
(view recruitment license) to practice as a Recruitment Agent. We deliver a wide range of HR services. Some of these directly complement our main focus: recruitment. Heba has grown and developed since Barbara Barnhoorn established the company. Today we provide specialized recruitment services to more than 30 established companies in Mauritius. Visit HEBA Consulting Website.
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